How to buy cnfashion

How to buy cnfashion

How to Search cnfashion sneakers:

Here is an introduction on how to search and purchase cnfashion sneakers, and order process and services of cnfashionbuy shoes.

Method 1st.

Browse the products on the homepage and choose the products you like.

Method 2nd.

By the search bar, enter keywords and click ""

Method 3rd. 

By Navigation Bar.

3.1 Shopping ON PC:

3.2 Shopping ON Mobie:

cnFashion Order Process:

1. Product and etc consultation, then Place Order.

2. Finish Payment, if any issues, pls contact to CS via WhatsAPP, Facebook and Email to solve it.

3. Customer Service(CS) contact you to confirm Size and delivery information.

4. CS provide QC photos for your confirmation.

5. Only after you confirmation, Your favorite cnfashion sneakers will be sent out and delivery, CS provide delivery tracking number to you.

6. After receipt your favorite cnfashion shoes, if you would like to feedback product comments to us we would be highly appreciated.


cnFashion Services and Guarantees:

1. Free QC photos service: provide QC photos before delivery, and just deliver after confirmation

(Please contact us via WhatsAPP, Facebook and Email, after you place order. WhatsAPP and Facebook are preferred.)

2. Delivery service: By excellent express delivery suppliers such as DHL/EMS, it normally takes around 12-20 days from sending out.

Tips: Sometimes due to the coidv-19, airlines temporarily cancel flights, which causes the delivery time to exceed the normal time range.

3. Payment method: credit card/debit card /Paypal/WeChat Pay/AliPay

4. Customer service: At least 14 hours per day. Our customer service response time: Washington Time: 9PM to 11AM, London Time: 1AM to 3PM

5. Prvide the delivery tracking No. After shipping out.

6. Excellent return service, if intercepted by the customs, we will ship out the sneaker again. Pls click return policy to learn more.