Christmas Sharing Plan

Christmas Thanksgiving Sharing Plan

Publish 1Tiktok Video + 1 YouTube Video.
You can get 20$ or 20% discount coupon.
There is also a chance to get 30% discount coupon.

①This plan is only held this month.
②Everyone can participate at most twice.
③Only 10 participating places.
④20% discount can only be used to buy 1 pair of shoes.
⑤As of January 15th,2022, if the video has received more than 30 personal comments, you can get an additional 30% discount coupon.

💡💡Requirements for making and publishing videos:
1) Vdeo is more than 3 minutes
2) Put our information in the video description column
    (I will send it to you).
3) The video title must contain ""
4) These tags must be used
(#cnfashionorg #cnfashion #cnfashionbuy #fashionsneakers #fashionshoes) Others are up to you.
5) Pin the top my comment (My YT is @cnFashion CC)

1) Video duration 10-15s
2) The video title must contain ""
3) @me (My account
4)You must use these tags (#cnfashionorg #cnfashion #cnfashionbuy) and others are up to you.
5)Pin the top my comment 

💡💡Contact the following ways to participate and discuss details: