how to buy cn fashion --- Order process after payment

how to buy cn fashion --- Order process after payment

  • Sunday, 06 November 2022
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how to buy cnfashion --- Order process after payment 

This is our process

First of all I will send you QC pictures for free within 3-5 working days, and wait for your confirmation before shipping.【There may be QC the next day】

QC=Quality check picture

Then, after you confirm the shipment, We will send you a shipping plan from China, and you can get the transfer number on the website after 4-5 days

Normally, our shipping time around 10-25days from sending out.

1.After you pay, wait patiently for 3-5 working days, the customer service will prepare  free QC pictures for you  (if you don’t need it, you can tell the customer service to ship directly) 

For whatsapp:

Plclick link to confirm the QC picture.

 if it can be shipped,click ok

For email 

THEN,When you confirm QC, the shoes will be shipped the next day. (Because we can't see the specific pictures, you need to check them carefully when reviewing the pictures. If there is any problem, communicate and replace the shoes in time. It must be confirmed before delivery.)

The next day,You will receive this picture. The position circled above is your transfer order number. This is notified to you in advance, so it will take you another 4-5 working days to check.

or another pics 

This means  :"The shoes have been shipped, just let you reconfirm that the address is correct"

Within 4-5 working days after today,click the link to query the transfer number 

Transfer number Link:

put your order number 

delivery time is means:  Start shipping time, not arrival time

Normally, our shipping time around 10-25days from sending out.

How to inquire about logistics:

DHL (tracking number like :00340....):

FedEx(tracking number like :9261290.....):
Or :


If this appears, it means that the courier could not get in touch with you, and it was placed at your local post office and needs to be retrieved quickly, otherwise the express package will be destroyed by the local post office

Thank you for your support and trust, if you have any questions, you can contact customer service ❤

Customer Service:

WhatsApp: +8618159880583


Face book: Boo Cnfashion


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