4.How to buy cnfashion shoes

4.How to buy cnfashion shoes

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Here is how to buy cnfashion shoes step

                                                                     1. First step

                                                                                                                              2. Second step


                                                       3. Third step                

                                                                                                                4.Fourth step                    

 5. Fifth step

The success rate of bank payment is the highest 

You can use credit/ debit /master/visa card/ these bank cards to pay

If the payment is unsuccessful, you can link the link to tell how to operate


If you choose cash app or zelle, it can be applied to all American customers. It is very convenient. Contact customer service and they will inform you of your account number. It will be credited after 24 hours. very safe


If you choose bank transfer, contact customer service to tell you that you need to transfer, and the customer service will arrange to send you the account number. The time of payment is about the next day, and it is normal that there will be a delay of 1-2 days on weekends.

After choosing Transfer to pay, be sure to click to "complete order", so that our website can receive your order.

Choose the four【Paypal】————》Contact Customer Service

Pls provide your Paypal Account(Email), we will send the Paypal bill to you to finish pay.

After choosing PayPal to pay, be sure to click to "complete  order" so that our website can receive your order.

Want to know more about contact customer service, thanks for your attention.









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